Napping can be very controversial. Especially when it happens at your desk. (Kidding.)(But not really)

The thing is, cultures around the world have been napping during the day for centuries. And for good reason. 

If you look at the biological aspects of napping after lunch, it makes perfect sense why we all feel that nosedive anywhere from 1-3 pm. Our cortisol levels (the hormone that makes us alert) start declining around this time and should be its lowest when it's bedtime.

Know this: You will probably read somewhere that it's a really bad idea to nap because it will disrupt your sleep at night. 

But I personally feel it's pretty irresponsible to discourage napping. Here's why:

When you don't get enough sleep at night, the next time your body gets a chance to doze, you will immediately go into REM sleep. Your mind is trying to regain the cycles you missed at night to replenish your body and brain. 

Why does this matter??

Because if you're traveling for work, you're already exhausted. And if you have to DRIVE AT ALL--this is a recipe for disaster to deprive yourself of even more sleep before you get behind the wheel. 

A nap can provide needed rest to be able to focus better + stay awake for important things. (Like staying on the road.)​​​​​


If you're exhausted every day because of lack of sleep at night, try taking a power nap. No more than 30 minutes. See how you feel.

Don't trust yourself to wake? SET A TIMER ON YOUR PHONE.

*Many of the world's most powerful people take naps every day to restore their brainpower. Don't feel bad if you need one.

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