Falling asleep can be hard when you're in a hotel room and have a million thoughts racing.

Here's how to fall asleep fast:


1. Temperature: The best sleep happens when your room temperature is around 65 degrees F. The minute you get in your hotel room, crank the A/C down so you'll have time to get it cool before bedtime. Also, your body needs to be cool enough, or warm enough. Pack accordingly. If cooling the room makes your feet cold, make sure to pack socks when you travel.

2. Dark: Make sure there is NO light in your room, unless you need to be able to see to get to the bathroom. Otherwise make it as dark as possible.

3. Quiet: Many of us have trouble falling asleep when there's noise. This can be a problem in a hotel, obviously. Either look into a white noise app you can play on your phone, or consider a head-wrap with white noise {See RECOMMENDED page for these.}


1. Calm the mind: Sometimes it's hard to quiet all the racing thoughts in your mind. If you find yourself unable to stop the whirlwind, try relaxing music, binaural beats, or even breath work to help you activate your parasympathic nervous system enough to fall asleep fast. Check out the BREATHWORK page and the OTHER RELAXATION TECHNIQUES page to see some options.

2. Exhaust yourself: Many find it extremely helpful for sleep to have a really good strength workout. Even if you don't have specific bodybuilding goals, if you have trouble sleeping, consider working out harder with heavier weights or do some heavier cardio to see if this will exhaust you enough to sleep better. 


1. Melatonin: Some find that melatonin does wonders for getting them to sleep. It's a hormone your body makes naturally, and can be found right in the grocery store. Or check out the RECOMMENDED page--there are options for tablets or even patches that also have calming herbs and amino acids combined for relaxation as well.

*ALSO--If you find that taking melatonin works for you, this could be a signal that you're not getting enough sunlight every day. UV rays signal to the body to STOP making melatonin--and the precursor hormone either makes melatonin or serotonin. So if you're depleting your stores sitting indoors all day you may also be feeling a bit depressed. Try to get as much light outdoors as you can!

2. CBD Oil: Some states have different laws on this, but CBD oil (sometimes called hemp oil) has really great benefits, including better relaxation, better sleep, and helping with inflammation. Don't worry--it doesn't contain THC and won't make you high. I've seen these sold at grocery stores lately, but I'm not sure about the quality. There are many stores popping up all over that sell this though.

3. Magnesium: Some people are deficient in magnesium, and find that this mineral helps them relax and get to bed easier. It can be taken as a tablet or sprayed on the skin. It's usually called 'magnesium oil'. Find it on the RECOMMENDED page.

*Disclosure statement: I am not a doctor, nor do I pretend to be. I'm a nutritionist and certified health coach with an MS in Nutrition. Since you are not a paid, specific client of mine, be smart, man! If you have a medical condition or injury, see your doctor or physical therapist before trying any special dietary way of eating, add any supplements, or do any type of movements or workouts. None of the information on this site is intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any medical condition. By using this site, you agree to these terms.

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