These are a couple non-widely-known relaxation techniques that may just be the best thing you never knew you were missing:

Music {Binaural Beats}:

Binaural beats therapy is when you hear one frequency in one ear, and a different frequency in the other.

It's been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, have better sleep, increase focus and productivity, and increase motivation and mood.

The catch here is that you need stereo headphones to have them differentiated; simply listening from your computer won't do the trick.

There are four different frequency patterns. Delta and theta are both associated with sleep; alpha is associated with relaxation; and beta is associated with better concentration and alertness.

Here are the frequency ranges:

Delta: 0.1 to 4 Hz

Theta: 4 to 8 Hz

Alpha: 8 to 13 Hz

Beta: 14 to 100 Hz

* The higher end of the beta range has the possibility of increasing anxiety, so pay attention to the frequency you're listening to and find a lower frequency if you feel more anxious rather than having better concentration and alertness.

>>>It's recommended to listen to 15-30 minutes each day for 30-45 days to see the full benefit, although some people feel better after one or two sessions.<<<

Here are a few Youtube videos that use this method:





Visualization helps you slow down your thought process and come up with either how you WANT a situation to go, or how you could have made it go differently for the BETTER. Visualizing helps clarify your true desires, while opening neural pathways to help you figure out how to get there. 

*Head back to the  MEDITATION page to use visualization while you meditate.

Emotional Freedom Tapping:

Also known as EFT. This relaxation technique is sometimes called 'tapping' or 'psychological acupressure'.

The technique relies on tapping specific points around the head, upper body, and hand in conjunction with specific phrases. This technique can be used to relieve anxiety and stress, and many people use it to find relief from trauma or extremely upsetting events that have happened. 

Here's are a Youtube video to walk you through this method:


Also known as ASMR. This relaxation technique relies on small sounds to relax you by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system (which tells your body to calm down.) It involves listening to sounds like whispering, crinkling paper, and fingers tapping on things. Some describe it as a tingling sensation in the scalp and spine area. And yeah, it sounds weird. But you don't know if you'll respond to it until you try it.

Here are a few Youtube videos that use this method:

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