HIIT Workout #2


20 seconds as hard as you can go for each individual move,

10 seconds rest,

Go on to the next move until you complete all moves;

REPEAT as many times as you can


With legs slightly wider than shoulder-width, bring one leg behind you at an angle, into a reverse lunge. Swing arms and back leg toward the other side while jumping to the other side. Land in a lunge, the revers of how you started. Repeat the other direction.



Start in plank, then move down to your elbows to elbow plank position. Pull your left knee into your chest, then push it back down to elbow plank position. Repeat with your right leg for one full rep.



Start in a plank. Jump legs apart, landing on toes with feet outside shoulder width. Then jump them back to starting plank position for one full rep.



Do a jumping jack, except when you land with legs apart, go on down into a squat. Push back up and jump legs together, hands clapping above your head for one full rep.


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