How to Eat Healthy With Pizza Delivery

GENERAL RULES for Pizza Delivery:

* ❌AVOID hand-tossed and pan/deep-dish pizzas

* ❌ AVOID the desserts + soft drinks

* ✔ Load up on veggies + salads

* ✔ WATER -always a good choice--stock up at the front desk or drink machine

Here's the healthiest thing to order from pizza delivery:

1. Salads:

Most pizza chains are now offering salad options. Take advantage! {Best to order ones with the MOST veggies, and nix the croutons!}

2. Chicken

Many pizza joints now offer chicken--either wings (sometimes boneless) or grilled options.

>>>Choose either naked or flavors without BBQ or 'honey' anything. 

>>>Dip in bleu cheese or ranch (go easy on the dips if you're watching total calorie/fat intake)

>>>Pair with a side salad!

❌ AVOID breaded

3. Pizza

If you MUST have pizza, here are the rules:

-Order on THIN crust

-Order the SMALLEST you can

-Choose CHICKEN for your protein (or maybe ground beef)

-LOAD UP on veggies (olives, mushrooms, spinach, peppers, jalapeno, etc)

>>>If you're watching total calories/fat/sodium, either order without cheese or with minimal cheese

>>>If you're watching total calories/fat/sodium, order minimal processed meats (ie. pepperoni, salami, etc)

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