How to Eat Healthy at a Thai Restaurant

What to order

  1. Summer rolls (fresh spring rolls--NOT fried)
  2. Papaya salad
  3. Yam talay (seafood salad)
  4. Chicken satay (with sauce on the side and use as little as possible)
  5. Curry dishes without the rice (ex: Grilled curry chicken or Jungle curry)
  6. Tom yum soup
  7. Chicken larb (WITHOUT the rice)
  8. Pad Thai (with minimal noodles)
  9. Pla Nueng Manao (poached lime fish)
  10. Stir-Fries
  11. **If you must order rice, ask for steamed brown rice
  12. Beverages: Water or UNsweetened tea
  13. Booze: If they offer or have a bar, see the 'Alcohol' page HERE


  1. Fried spring rolls
  2. Fried rice
  3. Crispy fish (or anything else breaded and fried)
  4. Sweet chili sauce
  5. Desserts (like fried bananas)
  6. The Thai beverages (teas--they usually have lots of added sugars)

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