How to Eat Healthy at a Sushi Restaurant

What to order

  1. Sashimi (which is just the pieces of fish, NO rice)
  2. Veggie rolls (with no rice)
  3. Rolls with BROWN or BLACK rice (some places may not offer this)
  4. *If you must have some carbs and they don't offer brown/black rice, ask for hand rolls (temaki) rolled with seaweed.
  5. Beverages: Water or UNsweetened tea
  6. Booze: Check out the 'Alcohol' page HERE


  1. Crunchy rolls or tempura
  2. Sauces (eel, spicy mayo, mango, etc)-(very high in sugars)
  3. Regular soy sauce (super high in sodium)
  4. White rice
  5. Ginger dressing (for salads--full of sugar)
  6. Desserts
  7. Soft drinks

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