How to Eat Healthy At Taco Bell

GENERAL RULES for Taco Bell:

*AVOID flour tortillas

*AVOID rice

*ADD as many veggies as possible

*Make it 'FRESCO' to take out dairy, mayo-sauces and guacamole and REPLACE it with pico de gallo.

*Nix the soft drinks-- order water or UNsweetened tea instead!

Here are 7 things you can order at Taco Bell and not feel guilty about:

1.Power Menu Bowl

Ask them to take out the rice, and you can change the chicken to steak if you want. (Go easy on the extra sauces!) Add pico de gallo for more veggies.

2. Crunchy Taco

Change the beef to chicken if you want; add beans for extra protein and fiber.

3. Spicy Tostada

Add chicken or steak to add more protein; sub black beans for refried to get less fat.

4. Nachos Bellgrande

Add chicken or steak for more protein; add pico de gallo for more veggies; ask for less beans to reduce calories and carbs overall.

5. Chips + {Pico de gallo or guacamole}

Avoid the cheese 'sauce' (has a thousand ingredients + loads of calories)

Add guac, jalapeno peppers, sour cream if you want!

6. Nachos Supreme

Switch out the ground beef for chicken or steak if you want; Take out the nacho cheese sauce; add cheese, guac, jalapenos, black beans, and pico de gallo to make it better for ya!

7. BREAKFAST: Mini Skillet Bowl

TAKE OUT the potatoes and cheese sauce; ADD guacamole, bacon, cheese, sausage crumbles, and/or steak if you want!

{Images courtesy of Taco Bell}

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