How to Eat Healthy at Quizno’s

GENERAL RULES for Quizno's:

* ❌AVOID the chips + sweets

* ❌ AVOID bread if you can

* ✔ Order salads loaded with veggies + meat and/or soup

* ✔ WATER or unsweetened tea -always a good choice

Here's what you can order at Quizno's and not feel guilty about:

1. Sandwiches:

Any sandwich as a salad (in a bowl),

without the bread...

>>>Artisan wheat 4" or Sammie are your best

options for breads if you absolutely must get bread

2. Soups

Any of the soups are good choices,

but the BEST option is the chili.

{Worst option is probably chicken noodle}

3. Breakfast

Any option either as a bowl, or as a sammie

(if you must get bread)

{Images courtesy of Quizno's}

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