How to Eat Healthy at Popeyes

GENERAL RULES for Popeyes:

* ❌AVOID breads, breading, biscuits, and buns

* ❌ AVOID fried things as much as possible

* ❌ AVOID the desserts

* ✔  Order a la carte, not the meal

* ✔ Order PLAIN coffee with real milk/cream + stevia sweetener

* ✔ WATER or UNsweetened tea

Here's what you can order at Popeyes and not feel (horribly) guilty about:

1. Bonafide Chicken:

>>>Unfortunately all chicken here is

breaded + fried--

Order these regular or Spicy:

{And only get 1-2}




2. Nuggets + Tenders

>>>Again--all are breaded + fried :/


Nuggests (4 or 6 piece)

Spicy Tenders (3 pc)

Naked Tenders (3 pc) **BEST OPTION

3. Sandwiches + Wraps

>>> Order sandwich with NO BUN + loaded up on veggies

+ mustard, ranch, or tartar sauce

Loaded chicken wrap (preferably as a bowl-without the wrap)

Naked chicken wrap (preferably w/out wrap)

4. Seafood

>>> Again--all breaded + fried;

❌ AVOID the meal option

(ie. biscuit + slaw)

Pair with green beans + tartar sauce:

Popcorn Shrimp

Butterfly Shrimp

Catfish Fillet

5. Sides

Green Beans (*RECOMMENDED)

Jalapenos (*RECOMMENDED)

Mashed Potatoes (REGULAR SIZE)

6. Breakfast

Egg, bacon & Cheese

{Ask for in a bowl; if must get a biscuit

only eat half}

{Images courtesy of Popeyes}

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