How to Eat Healthy at Panera


* ❌AVOID bread--none of them have whole grains (Ya, I know that's what they're known for. No bread, buns, muffins, pastries, sweets, croutons).

* ❌ AVOID the flavored teas and sodas 

* ✔ Order PLAIN unsweetened tea , or Plum Ginger Hibiscus Tea (sometimes they have an unsweetened green tea)

* ✔ Salads, most soups

* ✔ WATER -always a good choice

Here are 5+ things you can order at Panera and not feel guilty about:

1. Salads:

Green Goddess Cobb Salad with Chicken

Modern Greek Salad with Quinoa

Caesar Salad (with NO croutons)

Caesar Salad with Chicken (with NO croutons)

Greek Salad

Fuju Apple Salad with Chicken

Seasonal Greens Salad (ask for chicken

on it for more protein!)

Asian Sesame Salad with Chicken

>>>For even less sugar/carbs, ask for dressing on

the side and only use half)

2. Soups

Low-Fat Chicken Noodle Soup

Turkey Chili

Cream of Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

Broccoli Cheddar Soup

Ten Vegetable Soup

3. Sandwiches (no bread)

>>> Try any sandwich ON LETTUCE

(they'll usually put it in a bowl for you)

4. Breakfast Sandwiches (NO bread or wrap)

>>> Order any breakfast sandwich or wrap WITHOUT the bread or wrap. {If you absolutely MUST order with bread or wrap, choose the wrap options or the farm-style loaf bread or sprouted grain bagel flat.

5. Oatmeal

>>> Steel Cut Oatmeal {Ask for with strawberries + pecans but NO sugar toppings}

{Images courtesy of Paneral Bread}

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