How to Eat Healthy at Fazoli’s

GENERAL RULES for Fazoli's:

* ❌AVOID the pastas + breadsticks (made with white flour)

* ❌ AVOID the pizza (except as specified below)

* ❌ AVOID the Italian ice (LOADED with sugar!)

* ✔ Order salads with protein

* ✔ WATER or UNsweetened tea-always a good choice

Here's what to order at Fazoli's and not feel (horribly) guilty about:

1. Salads:

-House Side Salad

-Caesar (nix the croutons)

-Chicken Bacon Caesar (nix the croutons;

also only eat half if you can--this thing has 

MEGA sodium!!)

**Some locations will have an antipasti platter--this is a great choice too!

2. Dishes Without the Pasta:

So basically you can order any dish or 'bake' without the pasta. For example, the spaghetti and meatballs would just be baked meatballs;

Pair with a side salad!

3. Subs or Sliders

Same concept, order the sub or slider except with NO BREAD. Ask them to put it in a bowl, and pair with a side salad!

**If you're dying for some bread, choose only ONE of the sliders! (And then pair with a side salad!)

4. Pizza:

If you absolutely MUST have a slice of pizza, which I don't recommend, choose either a cheese or pepperoni SINGLE slice.

**Pair with a side salad!

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