What it is: 

The Paleo diet is a way of eating that is supposed to mimic our ancestors during the hunter/gatherer days. It prohibits processed foods and certain food groups. Basically it states that people should be eating meats, some vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts. There are a few different levels of strictness in how people follow Paleo eating. Some include dairy products or potatoes even though hard-core followers do not.

Why you'd want to eat this way: 

You want to go to a more whole-foods way of eating

You need/want to eliminate grains and dairy (or most dairy)

Many people lose weight with this eating style

If you have celiac or gluten sensitivity since it does not allow grains

What's allowed:  ✔


Fish + Seafood




Natural sweeteners (honey, agave, pure maple syrup)



Butter and cheese (IF you're not going hard-core)


What's NOT allowed: ❌

Processed foods

Trans fats


Refined sugar 

Grains (Including breads, pastries, cakes, pasta, oats, etc)

Legumes (peanuts)

Artificial sweeteners

Dairy (unless you're going more flexible version)

White potatoes

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