What it is: 

The Mediterranean Diet is a way of eating that mimics the way of eating in earlier decades by the countries bordering the Mediterranean like Italy and Greece. It includes a lot of olives and olive oil, whole unrefined grains that have a lot of fiber, lots of fish, less red meats, and some dairy, and lots of vegetables and fruits. It also allows for moderate wine intake.

Why you'd want to eat this way: 

You want to eat for better heart health

You have been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease or other condition

You are pre-diabetic or diabetic

You have inflammation or a condition that induces inflammation

What's allowed: 

Fish (lots of it)

White meats/poultry


*some* red meats

Olives and olive oil



Whole unrefined grains




Cheese and Yogurt

Moderate wine consumption


What's NOT allowed: 

White flours and other refined grains

Heavily processed foods

Vegetable oils with omega 6's (canola, soybean)

Trans fats

Processed meats (hot dogs, deli meats)

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