What you eat while you travel will make one of the biggest differences in how you feel. 

What you eat is also responsible for approximately 80% of your body composition.

>>> MAKE IT COUNT! <<<

Here are your general rules

for eating away from home:

Sugar is bad

(and it's hidden everywhere) ❌

Buns/breads are bad ❌

Breading on chicken or fish is bad ❌

Potato foods aren't the best options

 (fries, tots, hash browns) ❌

LOAD UP on veggies! ✅

Eat as much fish (fresh, fatty like salmon and tuna)

 and white meats as possible. ✅

Nix the soft drinks! ❌

Drink water or UNsweet tea ✅

Click through for specific meal sources below 👇.

👉 If you'd like to know which dietary style suits

 you best, head over to the

 Dietary Goals page.

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